Restorative Dentistry Dental Spa of Broad Street Dentist in Clifton, NJEach patient’s smile is important to us at Dental Spa of Broad Street in Clifton, New Jersey. While we do everything we can to assist each patient in achieving and maintaining a healthy smile, accidents happen. As a result, we provide a variety of restorative dentistry services. We offer something for everyone, no matter what their condition is. Below is a list that can help you better comprehend the many restorative dentistry options available.


Dental Fillings: Cavities are painful, but we can correct them with dental fillings. The accumulation of plaque and bacteria causes the formation of acid. This acid burns microscopic holes into your teeth, weakening and making them brittle. The hole in your tooth is filled with a filling. The filling returns the function of your teeth to their original state. A composite resin that mimics the appearance of the tooth is employed. The filling is hardened, making it more resistant to cavities and decay in the future.


Dental Crowns: We use dental crowns to correct a cavity when a cavity has become too large for a filling. A dental crown is a full-coverage restoration for your tooth. When a tooth becomes decayed, we will file it down to make room for a crown. Crowns are usually composed of porcelain to match the color of your natural teeth.


Dental Bridge: A bridge is a prosthetic tooth held in place in your mouth by two artificial teeth on each side. The dentist presents this option to individuals who have multiple lost teeth in a row. We offer it as one of our less invasive tooth replacement solutions. A bridge will keep your mouth healthy and your other teeth adequately aligned. It’s designed to look and function like your natural tooth.


Dental Implants: One of the most popular dental restoration treatments is a dental implant. We usually suggest this when only one lost tooth needs replacing. Because it is a surgical treatment, the procedure is lengthy and extensive. Three dental devices are placed in your mouth at different stages during the process, giving your mouth time to heal between each part. The parts come together to form a new tooth root and a prosthetic tooth. The restoration is permanent, and if properly maintained, it can last for decades.


Periodontal Therapy: Gum disease is known as periodontal disease. When good oral hygiene isn’t practiced, plaque and germs can build up and harden on your teeth’s surface. It can damage your gum line and lead to tooth loss and bone deterioration if not eliminated rapidly. Depending on the severity of your illness, periodontal therapy may include a variety of treatment techniques. Its goal is to repair the damage and bring your gums back to life. If you have questions about the different treatments for periodontal disease, give us a call today! 


Root Canals: Our teeth are extraordinarily tough and long-lasting, yet accidents happen. When the pulp inside our teeth becomes infected, a root canal is necessary to save the tooth. The dentist will essentially drain the pulp and fill it with a dental resin to restore the tooth to its natural form. Your tooth will have a natural restoration, and you can use it again!


Restorative Dentistry in Clifton, NJ

Here at Dental Spa of Broad Street, we offer several different restorative services to our patients. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about each procedure in greater detail. Contact our office in Clifton, New Jersey, today for an appointment.